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PhD opportunity:Dynamic response of fibre reinforced concrete structures

Critical infrastructure should be designed to resist extreme loading events such as blast and high speed impact. Reinforced concrete structures subjected to blast and impact exhibit complex failure processes, whereby the response of connections between members are often critical for the resilience of the entire system. Understanding how the performance of structural members and their connections can be improved is essential for being able to design resilient infrastructure. In this project, it is aimed to understand how advanced engineered materials in the form of fibre reinforced concrete will influence the response of structural concrete members subjected to dynamic loading.

A combined computational and experimental approach at multiple length scales will be used in this project. Detailed meso-scale analyses of interaction of fibres and concrete matrix will be performed to understand how fibre properties affect the composite response, which will be accompanied by experiments. The new finding will then be used to develop macroscopic constitutive models, which will be an extension of our CDPM model in LS-DYNA. The model will then be used for analysis of fibre reinforced concrete structures to blast and impact.

The successful candidate will have a good MSc or undergraduate degree in Engineering or other relevant subject. The ability to learn software programming is essential and prior experience an advantage. The ideal candidate should be enthusiastic and self-motivated with good organisational and interpersonal skills. This project will provide the opportunity to work on cutting edge research in a dynamic research environment. The successful candidate will receive expert training and gain in-depth knowledge in the area of computational fracture mechanics of concrete.

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