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PhD opportunity: Hydro-mechanical response of fracture networks in geomaterials

The modeling of the coupling of water pressure and fracture networks in rocks and soils is important for many engineering applications, such as hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas extraction, geothermal systems, failure of flood defense embankments, and storage of radioactive waste. Furthermore, many naturally occurring phenomena in tectonophysics can be explained by fracturing induced by fluid pressure, such as the injection of sills and clastic dykes.

The aim of this project is to improve our understanding of the formation response of existing fracture networks due to hydraulic pressure. Coupled hydro-mechanical discrete approaches (Grassl et al. (2015) and Grassl and Bolander (2017)) will be further developed to investigate the response of fracture networks subjected to fluid pressure. The computational reseach will be accompanied by small scale experiments.

The successful candidate will have a good MSc or undergraduate degree in Engineering or other relevant subject. The ability to learn software programming is essential and prior experience an advantage. The ideal candidate should be enthusiastic and self-motivated with good organisational and interpersonal skills. This project will provide the opportunity to work on cutting edge research in a dynamic research environment. The successful candidate will receive expert training and gain in-depth knowledge in the area of computational mechanics with special focus on flow and fracture.

For more information contact at peter.grassl@glasgow.ac.uk.

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