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Concrete Mechanics for Performance Based Design

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Euro-C 2022 conference: Peter Grassl presented the group's work on rate dependence of damage plasticity models at Euro-C 2022 conference in Vienna, Austria. See publications for more info.

UKACM2022 conference: Ismail Aldellaa, Xiaowei Liu, Chao Zhou, Gumaa Abdelrhim, Ifiok Ekop and Peter Grassl presented their research at the UKACM-2022 conference in Nottingham. See publications for the extended abstracts.

New article: Ismail Aldellaa, Petr Havlásek, Milan Jirásek, Peter Grassl. "Effect of Creep on Corrosion-Induced Cracking", Accepted in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, February 2022.
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The aim of our research at the James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow is to understand, predict and improve the response of concrete and concrete structures. Our work is focused on deterioration processes, development of new materials, optimisation of material use, repair and strengthening techniques, and response of structures subjected to accidental loading. Currently, our methodologies comprise the following areas: Meso/Micro scale modelling , Constitutive modelling and Structural modelling. We contribute to the development of the finite element program OOFEM. You can find all our models implemented in our github fork of OOFEM. Our results are described in our publications.

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