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Grassl group: Research opportunities

We are looking for motivated students with interest in computational mechanics of geomaterials (concrete, rock, stiff soils) to join our research group.

Currently, we are particularly interested in the following topics:

How to apply

The online application form can be found here: Online application. Please contact me (peter.grassl@glasgow.ac.uk) first before you apply for PhD study under my supervision at the School of Engineering. Admission to PhD study's at the University of Glasgow is independent of the funding required for these studies. Often, student's are even only considered for funding (see below) once they have been accepted for PhD studies. Therefore, even if you do not have funding in place yet, contact me to discuss possibilities, so that you can apply for admission in good time for any funding opportunities.


If you do not have your own funding, you can apply for funding available in the School of Engineering: Funding opportunities. The deadline for the main funding call is at the end of January at which time the applicant needs to have already applied to the PhD programme.
Please contact me (peter.grassl@glasgow.ac.uk) first before you consider to apply for funding for a research topics under my supervision.

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