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Structural modelling

We aim to understand the response of structures made of concrete (and other geomaterials) by detailed finite element analyses with our constitutive models.

Structural modelling of drop weight impact test of reinforced concrete.

We have analysed reinforced concrete structures subjected to dynamic loading in the form of impact (Grassl et al., 2018) and blast (Grassl, 2019). In these 3D analyses, reinforcement was modelled using beam elements, which were placed independently of underlying tetrahedral finite element mesh. Furthermore, the bond-slip response between concrete and reinforcement was considered.

We also study the influence of reinforcement detailing on the response of structural connections. Here, the effect of concrete properties on the strength and ductility for straight (Grassl and Middlemiss, 2019) and loop lap splicings (Grassl, 2019) were of interest. Concrete properties were altered by considering steel fibres in the concrete matrix.

Currently, we are developing techniques for modelling the collapse of frame structures by developing damage-plasticity constitutive models for linear Timoshenko beams. We also investigate repair techniques for concrete components using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites.

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