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This page provides information for CDPM2 in OOFEM. For info on CDPM2 in LS-DYNA see the seperate page: MAT_CDPM (MAT_273) in LS-DYNA



On this page information about the concrete damage plasticity constitutive model CDPM2 in the development version of OOFEM is provided. This model is based on work published in Grassl and Jirásek (2006) (DOI), Grassl et al. (2011) (Preprint) and Grassl et al. (2013) (DOI).

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Input for CDPM2

The description of the input parameters for CDPM2 for the development version of OOFEM is available below:

User manual for CDPM2 in OOFEM (Last updated: 02 June 2017)

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Example input files

  • Single element tests illustrating the influence of element length on the response in tension with development version of OOFEM.
    summary.pdf ||analyses.zip (2K)
    Last update: 11 April 2017.

Note: If you have example input files that you would like to share, please send them to Peter Grassl together with a short description. I will post them then here.

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